Additional AutoIQ Covid Safety/Operational Protocols

  • Dealer Trade Drives – Preference to 1 driver completing 1 vehicle for 1 vehicle swaps. Alternate #1 is 2 drivers max who are part of same “bubble”. Alternate #3 is 2 drivers maximum, 1 in front seat, 1 in rear, both wearing masks for full drive.
  • Customer Shuttles - Recommendation is to discontinue shuttle service for the time being* Maximum of 1 household/bubble to be transferred at any one time. Barrier between driver/front and back seat passengers. No passengers in front row with driver
  • Diagnostic/Appraisal drives – Completed by employee/technician alone (without client)after vehicle has been sanitized.
  • Payment – Preference is to use Podium Payments so client payments can be completed touchless* - Clients offered Credit Card or phone payment in accordance with AutoIQ CC policy. Tap payment offered. Payment terminals sanitized following each use. Tap limits expanded to allow more transactions to be completed touchless.
  • Demonstration drive process – Test drives are set at 10 minutes maximum in length unless mgmt exception granted. Test drives are not accompanied. Vehicle ready & sanitized, keys in zip-lock, D/L scanned, sales consultant follows in chase vehicle connected on the phone to demonstrate the vehicle. *AutoIQ Identification Protocols followed.
  • Presentation process – Preference is to virtual display/presentation. Alternate is socially distanced, paper-free presentation desk with plexi barrier
  • F&I – Preference is to virtual ZOOM based turnovers. Alternate is socially distanced plexi-barriered workstation with pre-prepared paperwork (at delivery) and sanitized pens (following each use).
  • Minimize Congregation - Lunch/Meal schedules to be staggered & max occupancy count established for each communal room (boardrooms, central office areas). Office congregation eliminated.
  • Interdepartmental Movement – Movement between departments limited to limit possible transfer. Chat, phone, email contact encouraged.
  • Parts Counter Interaction (Technician & Retail) – Preferred method is parts delivery to the technician’s stall (if possible). Alternate is max of 2 technicians at parts counter at any given time
    (provided social distancing is possible). Curbside pick-up offered to retail and wholesale clients.
  • Vendor Meetings to be hosted virtually
  • Employee Training – All employees have completed COVID safety training before being recalled to the workplace
  • Public Signage – On all entrances explaining protocols
  • Ontario Self assessment tool used to determine recommendations for ALL employees who demonstrate symptoms or exposure
  • Maximum # of patrons in the building – each store to monitor congestion and adjust as necessary within province of ON guidelines - See enhanced Guidelines above
  • No Outside Food deliveries into building (Skip the dishes, Uber eats etc)
  • No Communal Food sources (Pizza, Popcorn, shared snacks, Donuts etc)
  • No Communal Dishware (cups, mugs, dishes, cutlery)
  • Post Business Safety Plan where it would come to the attention of individuals working in or attending the business
  • Implement Split Teams wherever possible - Sales, Technicians, Advisors - Separating these "bubbles" helps to keep them safe and could enable business continuity in the event of an outbreak